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1925 Tom Sifton Harley Davidson

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This weeks bike of the week is a 1925 Tom Sifton Harley Davidson Factory Hill Climber
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Tom Sifton who was known as the”Grand Daddy” of motorcycle racing, enjoyed a very successful 60 year career. Sifton was a Champion Hill Climber Racer. He later opened a Harley Davidson Dealership in San Jose California, where he raced, tuned, and sold Harley Davidson motorcycles. He was well known as a developer of the fastest Harley Davidson engines for more than 30 years. The Sifton Company was purchased by Tedd Cycle, Inc. from Tom Sifton in 2000.
There are three classes of Hill Climbers, “A”, “B”, and “C”. This particular bike is a class “A” which was for the professional racer and sponsored by the factories. A class “B” was a “one off” factory produced bike available to the public. A class “C” was known as the outlaw racer, where an owner brought there own motorcycle out to race and then rode ot back home. There were only 9 factory Hill climbers built in the United States and this is 1 of only 6 known to still exist.
– FHCA 2 cam race engine
– Engine ran on Alcohol
– Three Truss Frame with reinforced tail section

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