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1928 Harley-Davidson Model BA

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1928 Harley-Davidson Model BA

Painted in factory Olive Green.

Harley-Davidson produced the Model BA from 1926-1929. These compact, single cylinder motorcycles were marketed toward Japan and Europe for individual transportation.  The Model BA featured overhead valves and aluminum pistons to appeal to sports riders and racers.


-Engine: OHV single

-Displacement: 345cc (21.1ci)

-Horsepower: 12hp

-Top speed:  60mph

-Wheelbase: 56.5in (143.5cm)

-Weight: 263lbs (119kg)

-Miles Per Gallon: 70-80

-Price: $275.

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  • The bikes, stripped down, were one of the earliest and most successful speedway (short track dirt) in the first years of speedway in Australia where many of the Pup and Peashooter models were sold.