Circa Gallery

At Motorcyclepedia, our Circa gallery is a comprehensive collection of motorcycles dating back to the late 1800’s – that makes them well over 100 years old! The exhibit sprawls across a large portion of the lower level of the museum, and it’s really a must-see.
We feature motorcycles from manufacturers from the past, such as; Pope, Thor, Ace, Cleveland, Reading Standard, Flying Merkel, De Dion-Bouton, Constantine-Cabannes, Lamaudiere, Marsh Metz, Wagner, Pierce, Orient, Pennington, FN, Flanders, Columbia, Copeland, Rex, Steffey, Thomas, Wanderer, Emblem, and more! We also feature signage and other memorabilia from decades past.
In our Circa collection, we also proudly display the oldest running motorcycle in North America; an 1897 De Dion-Bouton trike! For more info on our De Dion-Bouton, please click here.