Ed Youngblood Hall

On September 18th, 2015 we renamed “The Winners Circle” to the “Ed Youngblood Hall” in honor of Ed Youngbloods amazing career in the motorcycle industry.  You can find out more about Ed on his website : http://www.motohistory.net/

Here’s some photos from the unveiling of the dedication:

Opened on September 6, 2013 “The Winners Circle” is an exhibit displaying motorcycles that have received the highest award possible in judging by the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. The exhibit is curated and sponsored by the Antique Motorcycle Foundation.

Among national motorcycle organizations, the AMCA is famous for its rigorous judging process, which is designed to verify that motorcycles owned by its members are restored or maintained in a condition as accurate as possible to the day they were manufactured. Motorcycles eligible for judging must be at least 35 years old, and to be admitted to the Winners Circle – the AMCA’s highest recognition – they must undergo at least three rounds of judging, scoring 95 or more points out of 100 in each round of judging. Both original and restored motorcycles are eligible for judging.

While The Winners Circle is planned to be a “permanent exhibit,” the motorcycles on display will be rotated in and out periodically so visitors to Motorcyclepedia will be more likely to see something new on return visits.

For more information about the AMF’s mission and programs, go to www.antiquemotorcyclefoundation.org.

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