Husqvarna Moto-Reve

Husqvarna was originally a manufacturer of:
-Sewing machines – Viking
-Guns – muskets for the Swedish Army
-Vacuum cleaners (Electrolux)
Husqvarna produced their first motorized bicycle in 1903.  After testing several different engines, the company ultimately decided on a Belgium UN engine, which had only 1/4 HP, for their first motorcycle.  By 1904, the UN engine that was used had 2 HP, and by 1907, the company used an NSU engine that was rated at 3.25 HP.
First Husqvarna Motorcycle:
In 1910, Husqvarna produced their first machine that was classified as a motorcycle, it was the 1910 Model 65.  The two cylinder engine on the motorcycle was supplied by La-Moto-Rêve, and it was used until 1919.  This machine also sported a frame designed exclusively for a motorcycle.


Motorcyclepedia features this 1916 Husqvarna Moto-Revê Model 75A 500cc 2 cylinder motorcycle on display.