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N.F.D. Indian Motorcycle Restoration

Now featured in our vestibule:

A beautiful restoration by Tom Owejan in homage to the Newburgh Fire Department!


1935 Indian 4 with sidecar in Newburgh, N.Y. Fire Department livery.

The Indian 4, the last word in smooth, silent motorcycling. It’s quiet, efficient operation, its lightning acceleration, its unequaled riding comfort are known throughout the world. New styling was given the Four in 1935. 1935 was also the last year of the Ace engine layout.

This roomy streamlined sidecar is built to give ultra-comfort and heavy duty service. Body constructed of heavy gauge auto body metal. Seat comfortably upholstered with DuPont high-grade leatherwove. The chassis is of seamless steel tubing, of a large diameter, atomic welded for strength and rigidity. Proper spring suspension assures riding comfort under all conditions.

This restoration has a number of great details, including a luggage rack with tools of the trade: a pyrene fire extinguisher, hydrant wrenches and axe. The Sidecar on this restoration features a Army chemical warfare service siren. This type of horn produces a very unusual sound by the means of a toothed wheel which ratchets against a metal stud attached to a diaphragm.


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