Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Motorcyclepedia was formed to:

  • Establish and maintain a museum, open to the public, relating to motorcycles

  • Collect, own, hold, maintain, preserve and make available to the public a collection of motorcycles, motorcycle memorabilia, motorcycle parts, sidecars and other objects related to motorcycles and motorcycling

  • Develop awareness of the history of motorcycling by the public through exhibits, lectures and other programs

  • Collect own, hold maintain, preserve and make available to the public for educational purposes a reference and research collection containing materials related to motorcycles, methods of manufacture, technical manuals, patents, catalogues, industry magazines, journals and other motorcycle related media.

  • Collaborate with and provide a facility to motorcycle clubs, collectors, the general public and museums of the world and enable them to display all or aspects of their motorcycles and motorcycle related collections.