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The Velocipede: Special Opening June 2nd 2018

Join us June 2nd to get a first look at The Velocipede, a museum dedicated to 19th century forerunners of the bicycle! Located at 109 Liberty Street, less than a mile away from Motorcyclepedia, The Velocipede is our most ambitious addition to date!

Check out the selection of bicycles you can see for free at our special opening!

• 1869 Wood Brothers, Broadway NYC High Wheeler
• 1865 Wood Brothers, NYC Child’s High Wheeler
• 1869 Demerest 41” High Wheeler, NYC w/front brake
• 1880 Penny Farthing 48” Test Rider
• 1884 ‘Queen’s Quad’ Howe 3-wheeler
• Sheffield Railroad Inspector’s Velocipede
• 1870 Wire spoke wheel sample
• 1868 Davis Brownell Boneshaker
• 1892 ’The Ordinary’ Penny Farthing High Wheeler
• 1892 Victor with spring fork
• 1930 Sky King Tricycle
• 1930 Small Size Tricycle replica
• 1939 ‘Miss America’ Elgin
• 1903 Columbia First motorized bicycle



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