Wall of Death

Wall Of Death
Motorcyclepedia is home to THREE breathtaking Motordromes.  We have two set up on the bottom floor of our museum, both from the legendary Kamikaze Pit Lengner of Germany.  The third motordrome is set up outside in our parking lot, and belonged to the incredible Thunder Klunder.  The two indoor motordromes remain set-up year round, and Kamikaze Pit visits the museum several times per year to put on a show in the motordromes.  The outdoor motordrome is set up only temporarily, and we do not have regular shows scheduled for it at this time.
For those who might not be familiar with what a Wall of Death or motordrome is; the Wall of Death is an attraction that consists of a large upright cylinder constructed of wooden beams, with a platform along the top edge of the wooden cylinder.  The audience stands on the platform near the top of the wooden cylinder, while a daredevil motorcycle rider enters the cylinder from a secure door at the bottom.  The door is then locked and secured by an assistant, and the rider begins riding the motorcycle up the side of the vertical wooden walls in a clockwise motion at speeds of nearly 40mph.  As the rider builds speed, the audience is in for a show!  Stay tuned for information about Kamikaze Pit’s next visit to Motorcyclepedia!
Check out the photos below!
Photos by Scott Cavalari

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